Have you, or has someone you love undergone difficult changes within their life? Or, have you found that there are issues preventing you from living the life that you truly want to live? Asking for help can sometimes be difficult, but it can also be a brave step toward healing. Therapy can provide ways of managing life’s struggles in a warm and professional environment where your values and feelings are respected.

Natalie Spain, LMFT strives to understand your life experiences and view point in order to help you work through anxiety, depression, past traumas, and current stressors. Natalie’s goal is to build relationships wherein you can freely explore any issue in your past or present. During treatment you may uncover old patterns that are no longer working for you anymore and learn new behavior that will release you from the cycle of pain and bring hope.

With over 15 years of experience, Natalie Spain specializes in counseling:

• Individuals
• Couples
• Families
• Children & Teens

Solutions Psychotherapy is here to help you and your loved ones manage and make sense of anxiety, depression or overwhelming feelings. Natalie Spain will help you to transform unhealthy coping mechanisms, uncover solutions to your problems, re-build the connection within your relationships, and guide effective planning for your future. Call Solutions Psychotherapy and start bridging the gap between your mental and physical well being today.